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As the fire-burning season comes to an end, now is the perfect time to plan for any fireplace or chimney repairs. Planning fireplace or chimney repairs over the warm spring and summer months means your fireplace won’t be out of commission when you want to use it, and you’ll have it ready to go for the fall. So what are some repairs you should be thinking about this spring?

Masonry cracks

Repairing masonry cracks ranks as one of the top repairs for fireplaces and chimneys. When your fireplace and chimney are constructed entirely out of masonry materials, cracks — from the firebox to the flue to the crown and exterior bricks — are nearly inevitable. We can repair cracking, flaking or crumbling masonry in any part of your fireplace or chimney.

Water damage

Perhaps nothing is more damaging to a fireplace and chimney system than water. Water can make its way into your chimney from the aforementioned masonry cracks, or from failing flashing, chimney caps or chase covers. It’s important to have water damage addressed immediately, as it can lead to masonry damage; rusted dampers, fireplace doors or metal fireboxes; or structural damage to your home.

Faulty dampers

Fireplace damper are made out of metal components. Over time, those metal components can rust or warp. When this happens, it can be impossible to open and close the damper, or the damper can fail to fully seal out air from your chimney when the fireplace isn’t in use. A faulty damper usually needs to be replaced, as it can cause drafts or heat loss in your home.

Missing or misplaced chimney caps

Your chimney cap is your fireplace’s main defense against the elements. It sits above your chimney’s opening, usually surrounded by metal wiring, and it keeps out water, animals and debris. Some chimneys are missing their caps, and chimney caps can loosen or become dislodged, allowing water and animals to access your chimney. Making sure your chimney cap is in good repair is crucial to protecting your fireplace and chimney.

Faulty or worn parts

If you have a gas fireplace, a woodstove or a pellet stove, there are a lot of working components that can fail over time. In all types of heating stoves and gas fireplaces, vents, ignition switches, door gaskets and fans can fail. In a pellet stove, the automatic parts that feed pellets from the hopper to the fire can wear down and fail. It’s important to check your fireplace or stove regularly to make sure all components are in good working order.

As you can see, fireplaces and chimneys can fall victim to a wide array of repair problems. Fortunately, most of these problems can be fixed easily and for a low cost if they are caught and addressed early. This is why your annual chimney and fireplace inspection is so important; it allows us to pinpoint any minor problems and fix them before they become major problems. If you’ve noticed that your fireplace requires any of these common repairs, or to schedule your annual inspection to locate any problems, call The Chimney Sweeper to schedule an appointment today!

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