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Redefining the fireplace showroom & shopping experience

When homeowners or interior designers seek the perfect fireplace, there are many things they realize must be considered. One should be thoroughly advised on the features, fire codes, costs, warranties, and upkeep to be fully confident in their decision and fully satisfied with the results.

Why shop with the fire experts?

While it’s easy to buy almost anything online, shopping fireplaces can present a few critical challenges for someone who does not know exactly what they are looking for. Depending on the retailer’s website, the level of information and guidance available may leave you guessing more than you should when purchasing an appliance of this complexity and price range.

The other popular option is to visit a brick-and-mortar fireplace store, where qualified associates are there to advise you. That said, it’s rather common for large hearth stores to display an overwhelming number of models from wall-to-wall, and it can be difficult to obtain the quality consultation you need when associates are called to assist multiple clients.

Online or in-store, retailers are primarily focused on selling appliances.
The approach of an industry certified service and design team is entirely different.

Because serving fireplaces is the bedrock of our business since 1969, we know buying an appliance is the easy part. What comes before and after — consultation, installation and upkeep — matters far more.

At Fireplace Solutions’ Experience Center, a hearth design specialist will help you determine which types of systems work with the structural elements of your space, and suggest different models that match your aesthetic preferences. We take the time to explain the operational responsibilities of the appliance, and help you avoid costs and risks of not following the manufacturer’s specification for installation and maintenance.

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Our Experience Center is designed to create a more comprehensive, convenient and enjoyable way to plan your fireplace project.

Making time for you

We reserve time in advance so you’ll be sure to receive the full attention of our certified Hearth Design Specialists. Here you can take your time to experience the products and get a true feel, describe your vision, ask us any questions, and compare different options at your desired pace.

Making you feel at home

We are fireplace people, a warm friendly attitude is simply part of who we are! You are welcome as our guest, not as a “shopper”. Different from a typical store environment, you can plan your project with us stress-free in an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

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