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You know how important it is to have your chimney swept and inspected annually: Doing so keeps your chimney free from dangerous creosote and ensures that there aren’t any problems with your chimney’s structure. With everything you have to do in a year, it can be difficult to remember to schedule your annual chimney service. That’s why we recommend forward scheduling your annual chimney services.

What is forward scheduling?

Simply put, forward scheduling is scheduling your chimney service in advance. You know that you’ll need to have your chimney cleaned and inspected each year between the end of one fire-burning season and the beginning of the next to keep your chimney and your home safe.

When you wait until you’re ready to use your chimney in the fall, you can end up waiting weeks for an available appointment. That means missing out on the benefits of your fireplace’s or stove’s heating benefits until you can get an appointment and be sure that your chimney and fireplace are safe for the season’s fires.

How can forward scheduling work for you?

One of the simplest ways to take advantage of forward scheduling is to schedule next year’s appointment when you have this year’s appointment. That way, you will be able to select a day and time of day that is convenient for you, and you won’t have to scramble to find an appointment quickly that works within your schedule. We’ll be sure to send you a reminder in advance of the appointment so that you don’t forget your scheduled date and time. When you forward schedule your next annual appointment during your current appointment, you’ll make your annual cleaning and inspection part of your regular home-maintenance schedule.

Another way to take advantage of forward scheduling is to call now to schedule your annual cleaning and inspection for the spring or summer months. Because most people plan to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected each fall, the spring and summer months can be easier to schedule. You won’t have to wait as long for an appointment. You’ll also reap the other benefits of off-season chimney sweeping, such as removing creosote, which is acidic and damaging, from your chimney before it can do harm, and you’ll have plenty of time to schedule and carry out any needed repairs if your chimney sweep spots any damage or malfunctioning parts in your fireplace or chimney.

Don’t let your annual chimney inspection creep up on you this year! Call The Chimney Sweeper today to forward schedule this year’s chimney sweeping, and be sure to forward schedule next year’s as soon as this year’s appointment is complete. By forward scheduling with The Chimney Sweeper, you can be sure you won’t miss one day of the fire-burning season because you’re still waiting to have your chimney swept and inspected.

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