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Know What You’re Buying Or Selling With A Quality Chimney Real Estate Inspection

Rest Assured Knowing Your Chimney’s Condition

Buying a home? It is much better to know if expensive repairs are needed before the closing takes place. But unfortunately, home inspectors do not have the specialized knowledge or equipment to properly inspect the interior of the chimney.

Home inspectors can shine a flashlight into the firebox and see a few feet up the flue, but this cannot reveal major or even minor defects, faults, or obstructions higher up towards the chimney cap. It is good for a cursory glance but a properly certified and trained technician like those at Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper are the ones to call.

Our Certified Technicians Can Properly Evaluate Using Chim-Scan

Here at Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper, we use the Chim-Scan Video System as part of our Real Estate Inspections. This technology allows us to view the internal area of the chimney and fireplace system. With the Chim-Scan, we can see areas not visible to the naked eye. All issues are documented and presented to the client with an onsite evaluation form, which shows all areas of concern, and states whether the fireplace should be used in its present condition or not. We mail, fax, or email a report to the client (usually within 48 hours), which shows more detailed descriptions of the findings, including digital pictures of the problem areas. Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper will include a separate proposal if any repair or service is required. All of our recommendations are based on NFPA Standards and International Residential Codes.

Request Your Real Estate Inspection Today

At The Chimney Sweeper, we utilize the most technologically advanced equipment available to perform complete safety inspections for current homeowners, prospective buyers, and insurance agencies. We maintain strong relationships with area real estate professionals and are often called upon to provide evaluations of the chimney system as part of the requirements for buying or selling a home. Call The Chimney Sweeper today at 800-760-6567 or click here to request an appointment to have a proper inspection performed!


A chimney inspection with a video scan is a good idea anytime you need your chimney checked. We are glad to offer this as part of our complete chimney and fireplace services.

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