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When You Need Professional Chimney Relining & Resurfacing Services In LA, Call On Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper!

For the last 45+ years, residents throughout the greater Los Angeles area have looked to Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper to service, install, and restore their fireplaces and chimneys. We’re dedicated to providing the most reliable, thorough, and courteous service in the area, and work hard to keep our neighbors and their homes as safe and as efficient as possible. One of the most common services we provide to this end is chimney relining and resurfacing.

What Is The Purpose Of The Chimney Liner?

Every time you enjoy a fire in your fireplace or stove, combustible byproducts, gases, and smoke are produced. These byproducts and health hazards have to go somewhere, and the liner’s goal is to contain them and direct them up the chimney to the outside. A quality and well-maintained liner will do just that – but an unlined chimney or one with a deteriorating liner will allow the heat and byproducts to access nearby combustibles and enter the home. Not only that, but a chimney with a missing or damaged liner will suffer from poor draft, rendering the entire system inefficient. As you can see, a secure lining system is crucial to the safety and well being of your home and family.

Why Reline Or Resurface?

  • To repair damage to the chimney, which may have been caused by a chimney fire, earthquake, settling, etc.
  • To upgrade old chimneys which were constructed without chimney liners, or that have deteriorated or have incomplete parge coating.
  • To replace cracked, worn, deteriorated liners, which may be allowing smoke, creosote or condensation to seep through the chimney walls. This may allow for heat transference to combustible materials. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), clay flue tiles within a chimney should be replaced if they are cracked, broken, or missing.
  • To properly size the chimney for a new appliance; such as converting from wood to gas heat.
  • To prevent excessive creosote buildup (and risk of a chimney fire)

Water damage, chimney fires, or just age can cause the deterioration of your clay liner or parge coating on an unlined flue. When that happens the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 211 says it must be replaced.

How Can Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper Help?

When we reline chimneys, we use one of two methods, depending on the level of damage and the condition and use of the system.

  • HeatShield® Cerfractory Sealant – Most masonry chimneys are constructed with an inner liner of clay tiles. When these clay tiles or the mortar between them begin to crack or recede, HeatShield® can be used to seal and strengthen them. This product can either be applied to individual areas or to the entire flue, from top to bottom. Learn more here!
  • Stainless Steel Liners – Stainless steel liners are recommended when the clay tile liner is beyond repair, or when the chimney was never properly lined. These liners are designed to take on the high heat of combustion, and can properly and effectively vent heating appliances, regardless of fuel type. Stainless steel liners are incredibly durable, and can provide years of reliable service. Learn more about these types of liners here.

If you have any questions about our chimney relining and resurfacing services, or if you’d like to schedule an inspection to have your chimney liner evaluated, give us a call at 800-760-6567. You can also request an appointment online – click here!


A complete chimney and fireplace cleaning is one of the most frequent and important chimney and fireplace services we perform. Call now for an appointment.

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