Maintenance Plans

with the Fireplace Care Club

A pre-scheduled maintenance plan for your fireplace and fire features is the smartest way to stay on track!

Why get on a maintenance plan?

A very common scenario: You have a brand new fireplace installed, next thing you know, it’s been over 3 years that you haven’t had it serviced and it stops functioning properly.

With today’s fast paced lifestyle and hectic schedules, it’s just too easy to forget scheduling maintenance for your fireplace and fire features…Unless you have us thinking of that for you!

Join our Fireplace Care Club and cross another thing off your to-do list! With a custom maintenance plan by Fireplace Solutions The Chimney Sweeper, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your fire features are always safely in order and ready to enjoy — Because it is our profession to make your comfort and safety our #1 priority.

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Timely routine care. No need to even call.

A pre-scheduled maintenance plan means you won’t find yourself stuck during the busy season!

Every year when fall sets in and temperature begins to drop, it isn’t unusual for us to receive up to 200 per day — which gives you an idea how difficult it can be for people to get quality service within a timeframe that is convenient for them. Joining our Fireplace Care Club means you can skip this hassle and be sure to have your fireplace lit during the holidays!


A CSIA and NFI-Gas certified technician will visit your home/residential building/commercial
space and assess all your fire features and appliances (indoor and/or outdoor fireplaces, fire pits/tables, pizza ovens, grills, etc.) The technician will recommend a care plan that is customized for your unique fire feature(s) and their requirements.

We can then set the details of your care plan in our system, and an expert from Fireplace Solutions The Chimney Sweeper will be scheduled periodically to service your fire feature(s). We always make sure to contact you ahead of time to remind you when the maintenance visit is scheduled, and we do our best to select a day/time block that is more convenient for you.

Members of our Fireplace Care Club receive a preferred rate by opting in a plan, with the advantage of one simple annual payment that covers the routine maintenance for all fire features/appliances listed in the plan. We offer plans fit for homes, MDUs and commercial spaces too.

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