Fireplace Design
& Installation Services

Let our passion and expertise help you create the customized indoor and outdoor living spaces you dream of.

Every home and home owner is unique, therefore we help build spaces that meet your idea of comfort and beauty, all while considering the architectural elements of your property. Our high quality workmanship is sure to add more warmth and enjoyment to your everyday life, as well as more value to your property.

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Quality assurance every step of the way

Our team of NFI certified hearth design specialists are trained to ensure that every detail is thoughtfully handled at each stage of the process to deliver the desired results.


Whether you are in the early phases of planning a new construction or ready to remodel a space containing a fire feature, our team will provide the professional knowledge and resources to help realize your vision within budget.

We work together with everyone involved in the project: homeowners and landscapers, business owners and their interior designers, etc. Our experts help you select the ideal style and fuel source to match your heating needs and decorative tastes. There is no room for error with fire elements, and Fireplace Solutions is your trusted partner.


If you’ve just purchased a factory-built fire feature of any kind, you can rely on us to install it and obtain the highest efficiency, safety, and aesthetic sensibilities.

Our technician will install your new appliance according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications and in compliance with local building/safety codes. Occasionally, some special adjustments are required in order for a unit to fit perfectly into a given space. In these cases, only a long-time fireplace professional has the experience to apply the right solution for every unique challenge encountered.

We’ve Mastered the Skills

Custom fireplace & fire pit design

We build from scratch and prefabricated elements, so we can truly create a one-of-a-kind fire feature for any indoor or outdoor space. Our expertise ensures that you will get the most durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing results tailored to your needs and taste.

Fireplace & fire pit remodeling / restoration

We can give your fireplace a makeover by refacing with new stone or tile, building a new mantle, or installing new doors to completely change the look. We can also find the best way of restoring the original construction to conserve its historic look and value.

Convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas

Converting wood burning systems into gas burning systems is increasingly popular due to higher efficiency and cleaner combustion. This is why we specialize in fireplace retrofitting solutions which solve complex structural challenges to make it possible.

Smart Home Integration for fire features

Nowadays, it’s increasingly common for homes and especially commercial spaces to utilize the convenience of smart devices to control the operation of fireplaces and fire features. We make it easy for you to get it all set up and running so you can enjoy beauty and warmth with the simplicity of an app.

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