Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Providing your outdoor fire features with the care they need.

Your outdoor fire features are exposed to weather conditions and animals, therefore proper professional care is needed to ensure safety and functionality.

No matter what type of fire pit, outdoor fireplace, fire table, fire bowl, or fire urns you have, you can rely on our specialized technicians to provide masterful troubleshooting, and the right type of ongoing maintenance for your units.


Inspection & Cleaning / Sweeping

Some outdoor fire features need more frequent inspection and cleaning than others. For gas units, debris and spiderwebs can clog the burners and cause malfunctions.

A technician will also inspect that the fan and ventilation system are working properly, and clean the fire stones or gas logs. Outdoor fireplace chimneys are notorious for being clogged by several things, from dirt, water and leaves to wasp nests, causing fire hazards and malfunctions if not thoroughly swept.

Repairs & Replacements

Maintenance repairs will vary based on the type of unit and its use.

For example, masonry fire pits and outdoor fireplaces typically need structural repairs as stone, brick and mortar naturally crack and deteriorate over time. Log igniters and burners usually last about 8 to 10 years before beginning to rust and requiring replacement, and remote controlled ignition systems often require additional maintenance, as wires and batteries can corrode due to exposure to the elements. After months of constant use, your fire pit valves may also need replacing. Whatever the situation is, our team can provide the solutions.

Adding a new outdoor fire feature


We help create outdoor living spaces that meet your idea of comfort while considering your property’s architectural elements.

Our team of NFI certified Hearth Design Specialists can build a custom fire pit or fireplace from scratch or from pre-fabricated parts, and install factory-built units per the manufacturer’s exact specifications.

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