Fireplace Services

No matter what type, size, or style of fireplace you have, we can restore comfort and safety.

Over the last 50 years and counting, we’ve encountered virtually every kind of fireplace you can think of — from the most traditional hearths to most modern, suspended, see-through fireplaces that push the limits of our imagination.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure what type of fireplace you have (that’s ok, in fact many people aren’t!) Rest assured that whether it is a unique masonry construction or a factory-built unit, operating on wood, gas, or electric, we are equipped and experienced to provide proper care for your fireplace system.


Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Maintaining your gas fireplace by scheduling an annual inspection is the first step in preventing future service problems, fires and other unsafe situations with gas. It also helps extend the service life of the appliance and improve the efficiency and heat output.

Gas fireplace appliances have very specific guidelines for installation, care and maintenance. Each unit has specific testing and repair protocols that must be followed sequentially for both functionality, compliance to manufacturer’ specification and safety. Certain appliances need more frequent service to maintain its functionality and safety features especially if the fireplace resides near corrosive salt air.


Our initial work for a fireplace appliance is performance of a Gas Diagnostic Service and Consult.

Our gas diagnostic work is an assessment of the fireplace(s) in question. There are hundreds of different brands and models of gas burning fireplace appliances. As such the technician’s work will first involve identification of the appliance, then determining the steps needed to perform the diagnosis, and finally a diagnosis of the reason(s) for the appliance’s lack of proper function. 

There could be many different factors contributing to a malfunctioning direct-vent gas fireplace. Our NFI Gas specialist can determine if the causes may include:

  • Loose connections
  • Defective valves
  • Clogged pilot assembly
  • Trapped air in the gas supply line
  • Pilot ignition failure
  • Bad modules
  • Deeper problems such as a gas leak or faulty wiring

This diagnostic work may result in the appliance returning to normal operation during the first visit, or it may lead to further repair work and/or the need for new parts. If annual maintenance has not been performed by the owner, the result may further delay diagnostics as component cleaning may be indicated. If original installation deficiencies are apparent during the diagnostic process, this may change the course of the entire encounter due to safety concerns identified.

Professional routine care includes:


  1. Cleaning, testing, and adjusting the pilot assembly, including thermopile/thermocouple operation
  2. Waxing the glass front and checking for cracks or damage to the gasket
  3. Cleaning burner and orifice(s) and checking burner assembly for safety
  4. Adjusting air intake to reduce soot production, improve combustion, and burn cleaner
  5. Cleaning the firebox, log set, brick/stone panels and gas valve
  6. Testing remote control operation if available
  7. Inspection for gas leaks at or around unit

Gas Log Tune-up & Replacement:

Ceramic or artificial logs deteriorate with use and can cause the material to clog vents and cling to the sides of the chimney walls, which is why they should be cleaned regularly if there’s any sooty buildup — and eventually replaced with a new log set.

We sell and install gas logs of all types.

From classic ultra-realistic wood stacks (charred oak and cedar, split oak, white birch, coastal driftwood, and more), to various styles of lava stones and colored fire glass. We carry sets for fireplaces of all sizes.

Whichever type you choose, whether you purchase it from us or from another supplier, you can be confident that our team will provide proper, professional installation services.

We make sure everything is installed to manufacturer’s specs and that the pilot light and gas line are properly connected and operating normally. We’ll also answer questions you may have about proper operation and safety before leaving your home.

Electric Fireplace Maintenance

A quality electric fireplace that was properly installed typically requires little to no maintenance compared to wood or gas fireplaces.

So the first thing our technician will do is ensure that the unit’s wiring is up to par with the manufacturer’s specifications, as that is usually the cause of a malfunction.

Light bulb replacement:

Changing a unit’s light bulbs is a very common service we provide. Once we find the proper replacement bulb for your electric fireplace, the technician will ensure they are correctly fastened to restore that warm glow.

Fan cleaning:

Your electric fireplace’s fan is the most important component providing supplemental heat in your space, and cleaning it regularly will ensure optimal performance and longer life from the unit. A technician will take off the grille to check your fan and clean off dust or lint with a professional vacuum and brush, removing all particles and ensuring each blade is clean.

Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry fireplaces, depending on the type of construction, material and upkeep provided, can last anywhere between 20 and 50 years or more. Since they are an integral part of the construction, they are often as old as the house or building they sit in, and they must meet today’s municipal building and engineering codes.

Firebox Rebuild & Repair

If your masonry firebox is cracking or crumbling, we can rebuild the walls. The rear firebox wall usually needs to be rebuilt first, then the side walls will eventually need to be replaced as well. We know what goes into proper firebox design, making sure that you have lasting results, and that the rear wall has the proper slope to radiate heat out into the room while aiding proper draft.

Stain Removal

Our technicians can effectively remove even the toughest smoke and soot stains from the face of the fireplace. We’ll start by carefully brushing the Paint “N” Peel product onto the entire affected area. This product typically takes about 12 to 24 hours to completely dry. Once it’s dry, the technician will begin to carefully peel the film from the surface, taking smoke and soot stains with it.

Log Lighter replacement

We sell and install log lighters, which use the power of natural gas to quickly get your fire going. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, our log lighters make enjoying a roaring fire easier and more convenient than ever before.

Factory-built units

The main reason why a factory-built fireplace only lasts 10 to 20 years is because parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear-and-tear become no longer available. Proper upkeep will allow you to enjoy its longest possible lifespan with higher efficiency.


Factory-built fireplaces typically need sharp troubleshooting. Whether your fireplace and chimney are showing signs of a leak, your system is smoking more than usual or operating less efficiently, we can help. We’ll evaluate your system to check for defects, damage, blockages, and other common issues we can solve.

Fire-Blocking & Draft Stopping

Oftentimes, fire-stop and draft-stop systems are improperly installed by those with insufficient experience, attention to detail, and limited knowledge of proper fire containment methods and materials. Our trained and certified technicians will durably correct problems to prevent smoke, heat, and fire from spreading throughout your home.

Flue Pipe Replacement & Repair

Our technicians can get a close-up look at the interior of your flue pipe using Chim-Scan video technology. Whether it needs minor fixes or serious damage repair, we can help. We have extensive industry training and experience to recommend and install a new flue pipe that is specifically designed to work in conjunction with your system.

Firebox Rebuild & Repair

When you need a factory-built firebox wall replaced, replacing all three walls at once can help ensure you get the most aesthetic and durable results possible. The reason being that a single wall can be replaced with the manufacturer’s wall, or a generic after-market wall. Unfortunately, the single wall brick pattern may not completely match up with the side firebox walls. Additionally, when removing the rear firebox wall, it’s not uncommon for a side wall to crack.

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