Pizza Ovens & Grills

Professional care for your pizza ovens and grills.

We also specialize in repair, cleaning, and maintenance for pizza ovens and BBQ grills, serving both commercial and residential customers throughout South California.

Professional maintenance for your pizza oven or grill is always much cheaper than buying a new one, so call Fireplace Solutions to help keep them in top shape!


Pizza oven inspection, maintenance & repair

No matter how big or small your repair is, our well-qualified experts will be able to diagnose the problem and apply the right solution. A technician will examine your pizza oven and take it apart as necessary to clean and test all parts. Even if only a small repair is needed, a full preventive maintenance will be performed.

We can also create a tailored plan to maintain your pizza oven, especially for commercial appliances that are used daily as part of a business. Each type of commercial pizza oven (combination oven, pizza deck oven, conveyor oven, or convection oven) has its own set of specific maintenance needs, and you can count on Fireplace Solutions to handle them.

If you own as gas pizza oven, common issues you may request service for include:


  • The pilot won’t stay lit.
  • The oven won’t get up to temperature.
  • The oven gets too hot.
  • The oven does not cook evenly.

BBQ Grill inspection, maintenance & repair

A technician will begin with an in-depth inspection of your grill, during which the grill is taken apart with each part cleaned or replaced as needed (over time, grill parts become oxidized and deteriorate).

We then use the latest technology to diagnose the issue causing your grill to malfunction. We always inspect burners, igniters, venturi tubes and pressure regulators at the end of every job, and perform several tests to see how well your grill functions. Our technician will also check for proper gas flow and ensure there are no leaks.

We perform repairs, installations and preventative maintenance on the following parts of the grill:

  • Burners
  • Electrode repair of sparking unit
  • Conversion of propane to natural gas and vice versa
  • Gas shut off valve install
  • Valve repair and install
  • Barbecue grill install and removal
  • Side burner
  • Push button and rotary igniter modules
  • Gas leaks
  • Grill grates
  • Searing trays
  • Heat stones and lava rocks
  • Low heat issues
  • Gas regulators, hoses, and attachments
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