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We would like to express our immense gratitude to all who’ve taken the time from your busy lives to share their experience on Yelp. Now it’s our turn to take a moment to thank you! We’ve gathered 108 reviews and achieved a shiny 5 star rating, which made us recipients of the “People Love Us On Yelp” 2017 Award. We’re over the moon!

Each positive feedback really makes our day. It puts a smile on everybody’s face at the office and gives a boost to all our fearless techs, often up on roofs or in tight chimney crawl spaces. We all work closely together to provide you with the best service possible; from taking your calls, scheduling appointments, planning routes, to finally arriving on time to fix your fireplace or any other service you may require. We aim to operate like a well oiled machine and feel like this is our second family. We are not forgetting all who reviewed us on Google! We appreciate every message, and you may be happy to know that recent clients have told us your comments were very helpful to them.

[…] Someone responded to my call within the first hour that I called, and we were able to have a technician come repair my chimney within that same week. When Fireplace Solutions arrived at my home, the tech was polite and professional. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and the expertise job […]

Cyndi and Don are the best! I always look forward to giving them a call because Cyndi is so nice and we always have a laugh. I work for an HOA and have called on The Chimney Sweeper quite a bit in the past few months. They have always been responsive to my needs and flexible […]

Being certified chimney sweepers is far from being the easiest profession, and you’ll be surprised how few people possess the knowledge, experience and passion to do this work well in proportion to how many homes and buildings need servicing!

So, you know that means our team is always on their way to service a fireplace somewhere in Los Angeles, Ventura counties and surroundings cities. As far as Riverside? Yes. South Bay? All the way. Crossing Beverly Hills, up the coast from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara. You bet. That’s how we’ve serviced over 250 000 fireplaces and chimneys since 1969!

It sure doesn’t feel like its been that long, even if our experience shows we’ve seen that many. That’s probably because we truly feel lucky to service the areas we do. We love the people, the weather, the diversity of the homes and their construction… So many things in our environment brings us much joy daily. While technical issues are the main part of our work, we always keep in mind and in heart that our duty is about the safety and well-being families, friends, neighborhoods, nature. When we walk into someone’s home for the first time, we are practically strangers. But when we leave, we’ve made a happy customer and establish a friendly bond.

Tim came over in good time, called me 30mins prior & already had shoe covers for our new beautiful floors! I’m so impressed ! They were professional, polite, explained all the details to me about our fireplace & were able to get up on our roof, which was four stories high!

It’s not enough to know how to work with tools, it’s most important to know how to work with people. We are polite because we value respect, we are trustworthy because we value integrity, and we are masterful because we value knowledge as well as the purpose of our work and our responsibilities.

After all, this Yelp! award is for you Southern California. Thank you for doing your part in reducing the risks of chimney and dryer vent fires, since we all know California is so very vulnerable to devastating wildfires. It is an important part of our job to equip you with information that will help you safely use your fireplace and understand why we must complete certain tasks to make sure everything is operating optimally.

[…] My husband commented after they left that it’s rare to find anyone who knows so much about their business and is willing to share it.

You’re more than welcome, sir! That’s what we love to do.


Louis Petrie, Risk Manager / Owner
Jeff Shields, Senior Field Supervisor
Don Wilson, Senior Field Supervisor
Dan Mintz, Technician
Tim Tanner, Technician
Sean Noormand, Technician
Cyndi Rivera, Customer Service
Molly Yarbrough, Customer Service
Gabriella Wence, Customer Service

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